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Project Description

The SkinObject Module Wrapper is a DotNetNuke module that will allow you to add any DNN SkinObject to a page dinamically as if it was a DNN Module.

Without any skin modification you can now inject new SkinObjects to you pages, configure the properties and change them on the fly.

When to use the SKO Module Wrapper

Whenever we need a given feature in the skin of our DotNetNuke site we have to create a new skin file, add the given feature we need (for example the language selector), package the skin, upload the skin package to the site and finally assign the new skin to the page where we need it.

If the feature is needed site wide this is not really a problem because we will just edit the skin that we are using on our site by default. But when we just need that feature only for any given page, having a new skin file for just that case is somewhat time consuming and difficult to maintain in the long term.

The SkinObject Module Wrapper can be used to dinamically inject DNN SkinObjects in any page without any changes in the skin file, as we would do when adding a module to a page.

How to use the SkinObject Wrapper

Add the module to any page, where you would like the SkinObject object to appear, and open the settings page for the module.

On the configuration screen we can select any installed SkinObject and set the properties dinamically as we would do on the skin file:

When a SkinObject is selected we should select a property from the list of available properties:

If the selected SkinObject includes a helper xml file, the help text (if available) for the properties will be displayed. Also, in case the helper file includes more information about the property (type, list of values, ...), this will be used to render the appropiate editor control.

When all the properties have been configured, the Test current configuration button can be used to see how the SkinObject will be displayed.


In this screenshot we can see two instances of the module wrapping a Language selector and a Menu.

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